Protector of the Initiative

From Beyond the Frontier

The Protector of the Initiative is a title bestowed upon the person wielding sole executive power within The Initiative, capable of making snap decisions that might be delayed by the Senate of the Initiative when haste is important.


Established by the Governing Council, the first Protector of the Initiative was the founder of the movement that became the Initiative. This position was considered to be largely "for life", barring medical or mental failings, though the position could be abdicated. The Protector is elected by the Senate from among a list of candidates that could be considered ideal, typically choosing people known for level-headed mindsets, and capable administrators. Typically the candidates are unaware that they are up for the position, to avoid campaigning or efforts to sway the vote.


The Protector of the Initiative is derived from the title of "Lord Protector" chosen by Oliver Cromwell (1599 CE - 1658 CE). The title was chosen to signify that the Protector's duty is to the people, and is more than solely a political position.


The Protector is the chief administrator, handling many of the day-to-day operations of the Initiative that do not benefit from multiple minds working on the problem. The Protector creates laws and policies, that may be reviewed and overturned by a majority vote of the Senate. The Protector is also capable of creating special military units, such as the Expedition and various Guard units for operations considered too sensitive for standard military forces.