Healthstar Alliance

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Healthstar Alliance
Headquarters: Dracar, Tensa System
Language(s): Common, Sino-Afrikaans
Founded: 2296 CE
Status: Active

Healthstar Alliance (HSA) was founded in the aftermath of the creation of the Empire of Tensa.


Initially while healthcare within the Empire of Tensa was left to private clinics and hospitals, it became apparent that with the uneasy relations between various noble families, and attempted assassinations, that an independent, unaffiliated organization would be needed for taking care of health needs. To that end, Healthstar Alliance was created as an impartial, and unbiased health provider. While their main clientele is the rank and file of the noble families, the organization maintains specialized clinics and hospitals to treat the nobility, as well as specialized medical recovery teams dedicated to the well-being and treatment of any of the upper nobility who may fall ill.