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Classification: Homo Sapiens
Originated From: Earth, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy
Variants & Subspecies: Metahumans, Transhumans
Status: Least-concerned (No Extinction Risk)
Societal Information
Technological Level: Spacefaring

Humans, or Homo Sapiens, are native to the Milky Way Galaxy, having evolved on Earth, in the Sol System.


Humanity originally evolved on the planet Earth, with no presence on other planets until 2017 CE, when the first humans landed on another planet. Since then, humans have spread throughout the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, and to several neighboring arms, having abandoned their homeworld. Humans are largely under a single government of The Initiative, though several breakaway colonies and renegade groups can be found.



Transhumans are humans who have either willingly or been forced to adapt technological implants into their brains, augmenting or completely replacing portions of the brain and typically integrating technological hardware into other portions of the body. Transhumans are typically marked by faster reflexes, greater strength, and increased endurance and stamina, though these are not universal to all transhumans.

Transhumans derive their title from the concept of "Transhumanisim", first titled as such in 1980 CE, on Earth, members of an intellectual movement debating the possible future forms of humanity, and what part rapidly advancing technology would play in that. The transhuman state is often abbreviated as H+ on many documents, to separate them from unmodified humans or metahumans. They can also be commonly referred to as "cyborgs" (short for "cybernetic organism") and other various colloquial terms.


Metahumans are humans with traits introduced via genetic alterations either inherited from their parents or undergone at some point after conception. These genetic alterations can range from anything from simply changing eye or hair color, and curing genetic defects, to the addition or non-human traits such as tails or other unusual physical features.

Although the metahumans as legally defined by The Initiative would be considered an offshoot of the transhumanisim school of thought, they were classified differently in the legal system to avoid confusion. Metahumanisim is typically written as H= on legal documents.