M1N1 Drone

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Designation: M1N1 Drone
Manufacturer: Halcyon Industries, The Initiative
Weight: 4 Lbs / 1.8Kg
Dimensions: 12"x8"x4"
Crew: Zero (Automated)
One (Manual Control)
Armor: 4MM-thick Plastic Composites
Armament: Small-caliber sidearm mounting point (optional)
Engine/Power Plant: Photo-voltaic cells, Plasma Fusion Cell
Speed: 65 MPH / 104.6Kph

The M1N1 Drone is designed primarily for reconnaissance in disaster zones. Because of the high demands placed on it, the M1N1 has a fusion power pack, capable of keeping it aloft for days at a time, or overdrive it's lift system to carry additional loads.


The M1N1 "Mini" drone is the first drone released by a new start-up company, derived from older models from other companies. The M1N1 entered development in 2450 CE, and was released for purchase by civilian and government users in 2459 CE.


The M1N1 "Mini" drone is designed to be a light-weight aerial drone, made of durable, temperature-stable, composites. It integrates a control system that can be run remotely through the use of a Neural Interface, or allowed to run autonomously in pre-programmed situations. It has audio and visual pickups capable of shifting through a number of filters.

The M1N1 Drone utilizes a variant of the technology that provides artificial gravity, instead utilizing it to repel the M1N1 from any sufficiently hard surface. For terrain that is too soft, these repellers can be replaced with conventional rotors.

For emergency work, the Mini can utilize an automated claw attachment, a high-capacity foam extinguisher, or even any number of low-caliber weapons mounted to it's hardpoints.