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Location: Taelbern, Aditi System
Population: ~16,000
Status: Inhabited
Founded: 2485 CE

Albion is the capitol city of Taelbern.


Albion was founded in 2485 CE, as the first city of the newly colonized Taelbern. Because of the world's newly settled status, Albion is a rather small city of only about sixteen thousand people, largely supported by outlying farm-towns. Albion itself as more diversified in it's industries, including manufacturing, entertainment for visitors from the nearby towns, research and development, and mining.


For more information, see Colonial Authority.

At present, the defense and policing of Albion is handled by the Colonial Security Force (CSF). At present, the CSF is in the process of training a company's worth of Civil Defense Force (CDF) troopers. Augmenting the abilities of the CSF personnel is two companies from the 1st Light Infantry Regiment.