Battle of Luna

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Battle of Luna
Conflict: War of Secession
Date: 2026 - 2031
Location: Luna, Earth Orbit, Sol System, Milky Way Galaxy
Outcome: Initiative victory
The Initiative United Nations
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The Battle of Luna was one of the longest lasting campaigns of the War of Secession.


Both the Initiative and United Nations realized that one of the ideal places for control of Earth's orbit was from the surface of Luna, Earth's solitary moon. In mid-2026, the United Nations undertook efforts to land engineers on the surface of Luna who began digging in and setting up the basis for a lunar colony. Initial efforts to utilize this in defense of Earth were successful, scoring some major damage to Initiative vessels, and provoking an ineffective retaliatory bombardment against the lunar launch sites. Realizing that their efforts to simply bombard the launch facilities out of action would be ineffective, the Initiative made efforts to land their own personnel on the surface.

The Initiative managed to seize control of one of the UN outposts on the surface of Luna, turning it into a beachhead for further operations.