Garden of Earth

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Garden of Earth
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Activated: 2050 CE
Controlled By: The Initiative

The Garden of Earth is a botanical facility located underground in Terra Casus.


Opened to the public in 2050 CE, the Garden of Earth was built as a biological preserve of as many plants and animals as possible from Earth. The Garden of Earth began construction in the early-2030s, prior the Initiative withdrawing from the Sol System. It was designed as a biological preserve to allow researchers to access plants and animals native to Earth before it was abandoned, as well as to allow the public a chance to connect with another world.


The Garden of Earth was designed in multiple sections to recreate the various climates on Earth. It was sealed against possible leakage to prevent the contamination of Sanctuary with non-native plants and animals, and is carefully climate controlled to create ideal conditions for the plants and animals. An integral portion of the Garden of Earth were the biological labs intended to synthesize plant and animal matter to minimize the destruction of the preserved environment and avoid the complete extinction of any preserved species.

Another portion of the Garden of Earth, unconnected to the primary displays, is a massive farming complex underground to provide crops and animals for consumption.