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Location: Dracar, Tensa System, Milky Way Galaxy
Population: 1.2 Million
Status: Inhabited
Founded: July 30th, 2217 CE

Kaisa is the capitol of the Empire of Tensa, located on the planet of Dracar.


The city of Kaisa was one of the first settlements on the planet of Dracar. Founded in July of 2217, the city was originally a small outpost for the primary settlement. However, by the end of the 2220s, Kaisa would see it's size and importance increase, as situations proved unfavorable for continued occupation of the original settlement. The year 2274 saw a shift in public mood in the city, shifting away from the collectivist movement that had founded the city, as factions began to form, which would begin to see armed conflict in the streets, between disparate factions vying for control of the capitol city, starting in 2284 CE.

Facilities and Landmarks


  • Imperial Guard