The Hive

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The Hive
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary
Purpose: Spaceport
Controlled By: The Initiative

The Hive is the common name of a spaceport located on Sanctuary, several kilometers south of Terra Casus, the capitol city.


Created in 2017 CE, the Hive is located in a large valley located several kilometers south of Terra Casus. It is the oldest spaceport, and the longest in continual operation, handling both military and civilian orbital, and sub-orbital, traffic.


The Hive is located in a valley, with the majority of the hangars and warehouses located beneath the ground, partially in order to shield them against hostile forces during the War of Secession, as well as shield them against any accidents. Freight elevators are utilized to carry cargo and vehicles from the nearby magrail station and road to the subterranean warehouses through kilometers of tunnel.

Smaller vessels, such as shuttles, take off from a number of landing pads located along the ridge of the valley. These pads are typically surrounded by a drainage ditch and a protective earthen berm in the event of a fire or explosion. These pads are typically located closer to the north-eastern end of the valley, near the operations center.


Anti-orbital missile and cannon batteries are spread throughout the valley, in order to prevent unauthorized landings. In addition to this, a Civil Defense Force Air Wing's airfield is incorporated into the facility. On-site ground security consists of a number of CDF detachments that are rotated in from other sites on a monthly basis. These CDF detachments occupy a number of guard posts both in the tunnels as well as on the surface, along the length of the valley.