Monument Hill

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Monument Hill
Location: Terra Casus, Sanctuary, Arc System
Activated: 2073 CE
Controlled By: The Initiative

Monument Hill is a large rocky outcropped on the edge of Terra Casus, the capitol city of The Initiative.


Originally falling outside the initial city boundaries of the city of Terra Casus, Monument Hill was originally used for an observation post to warn of any impending threat to the fledgling city. As the city improved and was able to set up a proper perimeter, the advantage offered by Monument Hill were severely diminished and the hill and the small outpost atop it effectively abandoned. As the War of Secession dragged on, proposals were put forth to hollow out the hill as one of a number of emergency shelters, but it was determined that it offered insufficient protection from possibly aerial bombardment, and so these plans were dropped and the hill sat, largely ignored. In the final years of the occupation of the Sol System, and the end of the war, that proposals were put forth for a monument to the fallen. Members of the Senate proposed sculpting a monument from the nearby rocky outcropping. However, because of the needs of the growing city and the newly immigrated citizens from Earth, these plans were put on hold.

It wasn't until 2068 CE, more than twenty years later, that the plans were revisited, and work began. The initial plan for the hill involved carving a replica of the three battleships and the escorts lost with them during the Fall of Earth, over a group of soldiers supporting each other at a scale large enough to be seen from the nearer edge of the city. The final design was tweaked slightly, but eventually approved the following year, and work began. The sculpting would be deemed complete in 2073 CE, and unveiled in a public ceremony.