Ratatoskr-class Courier

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Class Overview
Name: Ratatoskr-class Courier
Designation: C
Manufacturer: Talros Theocracy
In Commission: Unknown
Planned: Unknown
Completed: Unknown
Active: Unknown
Decommissioned: Unknown
Destroyed: Unknown
Technical Specifications
Function: Multirole Courier
Size: Length: 120 Meters (393')
Width: 20 Meters (65')
Height: 8 Meters (26')
Decks: 2
Countermeasures: Mission Dependent
Armaments: Mission Dependent
Auxiliary Craft: Mission Dependent

The Ratatoskr-class Courier is built and operated by the Talros Theocracy as a courier between their worlds. While officially classed as couriers, the Ratatoskr-class is able to be reconfigured with a wide variety of capabilities, ranging from the mundane cargo and passenger hauling expected of a courier class, to the ability to mount several small hangar pods to serve as escort carriers, and bases for insertion teams. While they are capable of taking weapons modules for direct combat or missile systems, their lack of armor or built-in defensive systems renders that at a disadvantage against anything except the Initiative's CAMFA vessels and other irregular combatants.



The class itself is named after a squirrel-god from Norse mythology. Ratataoskr was responsible for relaying messges along the world tree Yggdrasil, from the mighty eagle at the top, to the serpent at the base, and back again.

Basic Specifications


  • Length: 120 Meters (393')
  • Width: 20 Meters (65')
  • Height: 8 Meters (26')
  • Decks: 2

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: Five
  • Standard: Twenty
  • Maximum: Two-hundred and Fifty (Dependent on modules)


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Cells

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy, with a 0.50 meter ceramic composite plate

Sensor System

Defensive Systems

Most of the Rataoskr-class's defensive systems are dependent on the modules attached. The most commonly equipped modules for the Ratatoskr, when on high priority missions, are jamming modules to confuse and trick enemy sensor systems.


As standard, the Ratatoskr class is unarmed. While capable of mounting weapons modules, the Ratatoskr is capable of carrying relatively long-range, though small caliber railguns and missile pods. When armed, most commonly the Ratatoskr is armed with a series of 127mm railguns for use against pirate vessels.

Auxiliary Craft

As built, the Ratatoskr-class has no inherent capability for carry any auxiliary craft, lacking any form of hangar bay. However the class is capable of accepting shuttles to docking clamps around the airlocks, leaving them rather exposed and utilized only in short-term cases or emergencies. With the addition of a full set of hangar modules, the Ratatoskr-class is capable of accepting up to sixteen striker fighters or eight shuttles.

Other Systems

The Ratatoskr-class is capable of accepting up to eight mission modules, which can be configured in any number of ways, ranging from upgraded sensor packages, to passenger accommodations, weapons pods, or hangar modules. Rumors exist of mining and manufacturing modules to allow the Ratatoskr-class to function as small fleet replenishment ships.

Known Vessels

  • Unknown