Sword of the Abyss

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Sword of the Abyss
Technical Specifications
Created By: Unknown (Human)
Status: Unknown
Created: Pre-2017
Resting Place: Unknown
For the ship named for this weapon, see SFCV Sword of the Abyss.

The Sword of the Abyss is a blackened steel weapon, that was used to kill several former members of the Governing Council, the predecessor of the Senate of the Initiative, as well as several of the leaders.


The Sword of the Abyss was a black steel weapon forged on Earth prior to the Fall of Earth, and allegedly brought to Sanctuary before the beginning of the War of Secession. It was, originally, a sword without any established history.

In 2051 CE, it was used by an unknown assassin to kill several members of the former governing council, before it disappeared. It eventually reappeared, in 2083 CE, to kill the Founder of the Initiative, when he was on his deathbed. It once again disappeared from sight, and is believed to have been hidden somewhere in the mountains near Central Control.