Fourth Division

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Fourth Division
Headquarters: Central Control, Sanctuary, Arc System
Parent Unit: Ground Forces Command
Established: 2218
Preceded By: Initiative Border Forces
Status: Active
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The Fourth Division of The Initiative's Ground Forces Command. Often referred to as the "Gate Guardians", Fourth Division is most often tasked with being stationed on border worlds of The Initiative with potentially hostile forces, and establishing long-term defensive positions.


Fourth Division was activated in 2218 CE, established to garrison worlds known to border foreign powers, such as the Tensa Collective. Fourth Division was initially formed from a variety of localized units dedicated to the task, which remained existent in order take on the duties of Fourth Division should it be recalled for duty elsewhere. In that time, Forth Division is considered one of the greenest units in it's history, with very little actual combat experience to the division's credit.


Fourth Division is largely comprised of mechanized and light infantry regiments, prioritizing speed over firepower to allow it to mobilize quickly in order to hit landing forces quickly.

Subordinate Units