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This is a brief list of various awards and decorations handed out by factions throughout the galaxy.

The Initiative

Aerial Drop Badge

The Aerial Drop Badge is granted on the completion of aerial drop training. It is awarded in three levels, ranging from bronze through gold. The bronze level is awarded for completion of basic aerial drop training, and is upgraded to silver on the completion of twenty drops, but does not include ejections as drops. The third and final level, gold, is awarded for the completion of fifty drops. This badge is replaced by the Orbital Drop Badge if the wearer qualifies for both.

Campaign Ribbons

Awarded for various campaigns and policing actions. Notable ones include the policing action on Dwyn after the disaster in 2431 CE, as well as for the War of Secession and the Sovereign Colonies Conflict.

Deep Space Service Ribbon

The Deep Space Service Ribbon is awareded to members of The Initiative's armed forces for the completion of any tour of duty requiring them to travel between stars, or take part in a cruise within the star system but extending to the outer reaches of a star system. If a person qualifies for both this and the Deep Space Exploration Ribbon, the Deep Space Exploration Ribbon takes precedence.

Deep Space Exploration Ribbon

Awarded to members of the Ranger Exploration Corps to service members who took part in a mission taking them beyond the boundaries of explored space. This ribbon replaces the Deep Space Service Ribbon if the prior one had already been earned.

Maritime Service Ribbon

Awarded to personnel assigned to a wet-navy ship for any length of time.

Orbital Drop Badge

The orbital drop badge comes in three variants, awarded for various numbers of drops made by drop pods such as the REVSO, it replaces the aerial drop badge if held. The bronze level of Orbital Drop Badge is awarded on the completion of drop training, marking the individual as drop-qualified. Following the bronze level is the silver level, which is awarded on the completion of twenty orbit to surface drops, and does not include ejections. The third and final tier of drop badge is the gold orbital drop badge, and is awarded for the completion of fifty drops.

Purple Heart

Awarded for being injured by enemy activity in the line of duty.

Empire of Tensa

Talros Theocracy