Project Silent Line

From Beyond the Frontier

Project Silent Line was a War of Secession-era Initiative project to create a defensive line against the United Nations.


Initially proposed in 2020 CE after the beginning of the War of Secession, Project Silent Line was initially envisioned as a defensive line to prevent colony and warships returning to Sanctuary from being tailed by United Nations forces. Design plans were put on hold initially, due to the vast investment needed to establish such a defensive line, and the still, relatively, unknown features and capabilities of the Point Singularity Drive potentially rendering such a defensive line easily bypassed. However, with more knowledge about the capabilities of the extant faster-than-light technology, and the war slowly winding down in 2031 CE, further efforts were put into refining the project for the post-war environment. This refinement was presented as a series of Watcher-class Deep Space Weapons Platforms strung along jump points between the Sol System and Arc System. However the cost of this, and potential hazards imposed by this were deemed too great, and the project was put on indefinite hold.

It is speculated that Project Silent Line would be revived and dusted off by an entity referred to by the codename of "Jaeger" before the withdrawal of Initiative forces from the Sol system, and activated as a last-ditch defensive measure to isolate Earth.