SFCV Prometheus

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SFCV Prometheus (FF22)
Technical Specifications
Ship Class: Archer-class Frigate
Hull Number: FF22
Faction: The Initiative
Status: Mothballed
In Service: 2023 CE - 2158 CE
Assignment Details
Assignment: Mothball Fleet
Task Force: Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot
Homeport: Aradesh Depe Space Storage Depot
Ship Crew Information
Crew Complement: 100 Officers & Crew
40 Marines (Formerly)
Type: Non-Player Controlled
The SFCV Prometheus (FF22) is an Archer-class frigate built and once operated by The Initiative.


The SFCV Prometheus (FF22) was launched in 2023 CE, for use in the War of Secession. The Prometheus served with distinction in supporting landing operations across Earth, until the Fall of Earth. Following the fall, the Prometheus was modified for extra cargo and passenger capacity, and aided in carrying refugees to Sanctuary. When the Initiative withdrew from the Sol System, the Prometheus's upgrades were adapted for long-range exploration, for additional systems for future colonization.

When the first Knight-class frigates came online in 2156 CE, plans were made to put the Prometheus into stroage, mothballed at the Aradesh Deep Space Storage Depot. These plans were carried out in 2158 CE.


The SFCV Prometheus (FF22) was named for one of the Greek Titans of mythology.

Basic Specifications

Main article: Archer-class Frigate


  • Length: 140 Meters
  • Beam: 18 Meters
  • Draft: 14 Meters
  • Decks: 4

Crew Complement

  • Minimum: 20 (War Era) / 10 (Post War)
  • Standard: 150 Officers & Crew
  • Maximum: 350


  • Sublight: Electrodeless Plasma Thruster

Power Plant

  • Primary: Nuclear Reactor (War Era)
  • Primary: Antimatter Reactor (Post War)
  • Secondary: Photo-voltaic Cell

Hull Composition

  • Hull: Titanium Alloy
  • Armor Plating: 1 meter Case-hardened Steel, Titanium, & Ceramic Composite Plates over a .75 meter thick synthetic diamond sheath (Post-war retrofits)
  • Armor Plating: Synthetic composites, case-hardened steel, ceramic plates (War era)

Sensor System

  • Sensor: LIDAR (War Era)


  • Mark I
    • (20) 6-inch Coilgun Batteries
    • (4) Torpedo Tubes
    • (2) Grappling Cannons
  • Mark II
    • (20) 10-inch Coilgun Batteries
    • (4) Torpedo Tubes
    • (2) Grappling Cannons

Auxiliary Craft

Other Systems

Deck Listing

  • Deck 1: Bridge, Communications Center, Coilgun Battery & Magazine, Grappling Hook Battery
  • Deck 2: Brig, Embarked Marine Quarters, Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Infirmary
  • Deck 3: Torpedo Magazine, Hangar, Reactor, Storage, Water Reclamation
  • Deck 4: Coilgun Battery & Magazine, Grappling Hook Battery