Task Force Winter

From Beyond the Frontier
Task Force Winter
Headquarters: Central Command, Sanctuary, Arc System
Size: 16+ Vessels
Parent Unit: Space Forces Command / Central Command
Established: 2502 CE
Status: Missing in Action

Task Force Winter was a special purpose task force established by Central Command to conduct classified misisons beyond the border of The Initiative. At present the task force is considered missing.


Established in 2502 CE by special orders from Central Command, the task force was comprised of an unknown number of vessels. Assigned the duties of carrying out classified operations within and beyond the border of the Initiative, the task force was declared missing in late 2502 CE when communications from the task force ceased.

In May of 2503 CE, the lead ship of the task force, the SFCV Heart of Winter (BB1-02) conducted a point singularity jump into the Arc System, arriving in high orbit over Sanctuary with severe hull damage. The vessel failed to respond to hails, and plunged into the atmosphere, partially breaking up, with large chunks of the vessel having to be destroyed by automated anti-orbital cannons in an effort to minimize the damage they could do to population centers. However, several life pods managed to detach, the personnel within badly corrupted by unknown forces, and attacking anyone on sight. Central Command fears that the Task Force has been lost and it's crew corrupted.








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