Talros Theocracy

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Talros Theocracy
Political Information
Organization: Autocratic Theocracy
Head of State: High Prophet
Threat Level: Low
Societal Information
Capital: Isard, Kessen System
Language: Common
Currency: Thaler
Area of Operation: Milky Way Galaxy
Technological Level(s): Spacefaring
Religion(s): Talrosian Doctrine
Historical Information
Formed From: Talrosian Church, The Initiative
Established: 2239 CE
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The Talros Theocracy is an autocratic theocracy, based around a singular religion, referred to as the Talrosian Doctrine.


The origins of the Talros Theocracy lay in the late 2220s, with the introduction and spread of the Talrosian Doctrine in the colonies of Tien, Kapu, and Arshile, though records are unclear as to where the Doctrine originated. Followers of the doctrine were discriminated against, with increasingly strict local laws against them being passed, leading to many of them becoming disenfranchised. Things would come to a head in 2237 CE when the colonies attempted to outlaw the Doctrine altogether, only to be forced to revert their decision by the Senate of the Initiative. Unhappy over this turn of events, the three colonies would attempt to secede from The Initiative, forming the Sovereign Colonies and begin persecution of the Talrosians. While a number attempted to flee to nearby star systems, including Kalnius and Kessen, the majority were trapped within the newly-formed Sovereign Colonies. As the three worlds embarked on a campaign of extermination and reeducation, the Initiative sent several fleets to put an end to the bloodshed, sparking the Sovereign Colonies Conflict.

In the aftermath, many of the surviving Talrosians fled to Kalnius, rapidly becoming the majority demographic, and form the Talrosian Church in 2239 CE. Disillusioned that the Initiative had allowed circumstances to deteriorate to such an extent, they influenced events for a referendum to peacefully secede from the Initiative to pass in 2240 CE. No longer under the direct influence of the Initiative, the Talrosian Church moved to take control of the newly independent star systems, with sufficient backing from their followers to silence dissenters. With the church now firmly in control, the two star systems were renamed to the Talros Theocracy.


The Talros Theocracy is a stratified society, with a clear divided between the clergy, the faithful, and the 'faithless'. The faithful are those who have been accepted by the church, and deemed as worthy of being true citizens, while the faithless, regardless of actual religious leanings, are considered second-class citizens.


The government of the Talros Theocracy is made up of multiple religious orders. These include, but are not limited to the Order of Foreign Affairs (OFA), the Order of Defense Innovation (ODI), the Order of Internal Security (OIS), down to more mundane ones such as the Order of Public Works (OPW).

Controlled Systems