Capture of the SFCV K1-24

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Capture of the SFCV K1-24
Conflict: Sovereign Colonies Conflict
Date: November 19th, 2237
Location: Alendiel System
Outcome: Sovereign Colonies Victory
Aftermath: Capture of the SFCV K1-24
The Initiative Sovereign Colonies
Captain of the K1-24 Sovereign Colonies Officers
SFCV K1-24 3x CAMFA Auxiliary Cruisers
1x Warrior-class Destroyer
4 Crew Killed in Action
1 Wounded in Action
38 Killed in Action
4 Wounded in Action
Similar Events
Followed By: Siege of Kapu, Siege of Tien, Siege of Arshile

The capture of SFCV K1-24 marked a turning point in the Sovereign Colonies Conflict, as the first action taken directly against government forces not previously located on one of the revolting planets.


The SFCV K1-24, a Conquistador-class Corvette, was dispatched ahead of the Third Fleet to scout the Alendiel System, and ensure no surprises awaited the fleet. On it's emergence from its point singularity jump, the K1-24 was forced to flee ahead of a Warrior-class destroyer assigned to the System Defense Force (SDF). Unable and unwilling to jump out of the system yet, the captain of the K1-24 proceeded in-system in an effort to put asteroids and debris between his vessel and the chasing destroyer. The K1-24 inadvertently stumbled into the staging point for three CAMFA Auxiliary Cruisers, which were receiving upgrades at one of the renegade SDF outposts. The three cruisers began to attack the K1-24, which returned fire doing severe damage. While the K1-24 managed to do severe damage to the three cruisers, the chasing destroyer eventually caught up and damaged the K1-24's engines, preventing it from fleeing. As the other vessels closed in, the crew of the K1-24 began locking down their vessel's systems, putting lockouts on them to prevent them from being used the enemy, as they began gathering small arms.

After a half hour of intense fighting, the crew of the K1-24 had been killed or disabled, and the vessel captured.

Equipment by Force

The Initiative

Sovereign Colonies