Mithus System

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Mithus System
Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy
Orbiting Bodies: Mithus 1, Dwyn, Emer, Mithus 4
Controlled By: The Initiative
Surveyed: 2308 CE
Colonized: 2411 CE

The Mithus Star system is a four-planet system orbiting a yellow dwarf slightly larger than Sol, which is approximately half way through it's life. Although Mithus was explored in 2308 CE, the system wouldn't be colonized in 2411 CE, in part due to the relatively mineral poor status of the system, as well as the lack of colonizable systems within point singularity jump range. This led to the system being largely a backwater with little traffic to or from it for many years, and became a popular hiding place for people looking to escape their old life closer to the core worlds.

In 2431 CE, a natural disaster struck the primary planet, Dwyn, causing widespread chaos throughout the system. Because of the system's relatively widespread and mid-sized population, the planetary Civil Defense Forces were unable to establish order, and in 2434 CE the Colonial Authority stepped in to govern the system in response to the rampant crime and violence, utilizing the Colonial Security Force stiffened by two divisions of Ground Forces Command personnel and a number of fleets on loan from Space Forces Command that rotated through being stationed in the system. Because of the widespread crime and violence, many of the system's richer inhabitants fled the system, leaving many of the system's poorer people stuck and unable to pay for transport from the system. This led to an increase in crime, with many people only able to leave the system by enlisting in the military, or joining a merchant crew. The views of members of the Senate of the Initiative is typically one of disdain and hopelessness regarding the extremely slow progress made by the Mithus system in rebuilding.

Jump Points

Name Control Travel Time Notes
TBD The Initiative TBD

Orbiting Bodies

Mithus 1

Mithus 1 has a diameter of roughly 2,780 miles (4,474 KM), with an average distance of 0.43 AU (Astronomical Units) or 3.6 light minutes to the star Mithus. The planet's atmosphere is comprised primarily of argon and sulphur, aggravated by the planet's rather active geology. Because of a denser core, Mithus 1 has a relative high gravity for it's size (approaching 0.5 G), leading to magma showers following the common volcanic eruptions. Because of the planet's inhospitable nature, there is no native life, down to the bacterial level. Mithus 1 is home to a single orbital mining facility, which is largely automated. Mithus 1 has no natural satellites.


Main article: Dwyn

Sitting just slightly more than 1 AU (8.5 light minutes) from the Mithus star, and with a diameter of 8,122 miles (13,071 KM), Dwyn is slightly larger than Earth. With 63% of the surface covered by, the majority of which is located near the southern pole it has an atmosphere is similar to Earth, with a little more Argon in the mix. While there are a number of large life forms, none of them have achieved sentience as of yet.

Dwyn serves as the primary hub for the Mithus system, with the system seat of government located on the planet, along with the representatives for many of the governmental departments. Though the system seat of government and the various departments are concentrated around the planetary capital city of Parkerston (named after the Captain of the first ship to make landfall), there are a number of other cities scattered around the planet. Because of the natural disaster that affected the planet in 2431 CE, the planet has been in a state of civil unrest, leading to widespread criminal activity ranging from illegal gambling, to unregulated prostitution, to murder.

Dwyn's orbit is home to two natural satellites (M2 Prime and M2 Alpha) as well a number of orbital stations; and although most are government controlled, a handful are fitted out as hotels and casinos. The planet's main spaceport, which serves the orbital facilities, is located approximately twenty minutes away from Parkerston by magtrain.


Main article: Emer

Orbiting the star Mithus at an average distance of 1.45 AU (12 light minutes), Emer has a diameter of 3,911 miles (6,294 Km), with a thin but breathable atmosphere. In addition to rather sizable icecaps Emer's surface is 42% covered by liquid water, a number that is expected to increase in the wake of terraforming efforts to raise the global temperature to a more comfortable level for humans, already having raised the average summer temperature to 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). Both the water and land masses are home to a limited variety of indigenous plants and animals.

Prior to the terraforming efforts Emer was classified as a hardship colony, and as such received very little in the way of colonists, and as such is home to only one major city (which serves as the planetary capitol) and a handful of scattered towns and outposts, with only one major spaceport located near the city.

Emer has one natural satellite, M3 Prime, a barren rock largely ignored but for an automated communications relay, in addition to an automated observatory.

Mithus Asteroid Belt

The Mithus asteroid belt sits 9.58 AU (80 light minutes) from the star Mithus. The Mithus asteroid belt is considered something of an anomaly due to ultra-low density, with popular theory holding that many of the asteroids had been collected by Mithus 4 as moons, or swallowed by the gas giant. Several surveys into the belt have indicated a lack of major deposits of materials, discouraging any large-scale mining efforts.

Mithus 4

With a diameter of 91,338 miles (146,994 Km), the green/blue gas giant Mithus 4's orbit varies between 10.21 AU (85 light minutes) and 19.26 AU (2.67 light hours). The reason for Mithus 4's large elliptical orbit is unknown at this time, but is suspected to be related to a hypothetical planet that broke up, forming Mithus' asteroid belt and Mithus 4's moons, throwing Mithus 4's orbit out of it's original path. As Mithus 4's orbit crosses into the asteroid belt, multiple asteroids have fallen into Mithus 4's orbit, with a number falling too deep within the gas giant's gravity well.

Mithus 4 has twenty-five natural satellites, with the largest designated M4 Prime, and the rest designated M4 Alpha through M4 Omega. Domed mining colonies can be found on both M4 Prime and M4 Omega. Because of the unrest in the star system, M4 Prime serves as the on-station fleet's anchorage during the fleet rotations.

Notable Inhabitants

System Defense Force

For more information on System Defense Forces in general, see System Defense Force.

The Mithus System Defense Force is comprised of a squadron of Conquistador-class corvettes, backed by a trio of Warrior-class destroyers, and a pair of Knight-class frigates.

Because of the rampant crime and violence, the System Defense Force's operations are overseen by the Space Forces Command fleet, typically one of the SFC's primary fleets on a rotating basis. The justification for stationing a fleet within the Mithus system, away from any major bases, is to avoid corruption or abuse of power by the System Defense Force.